toxiclibs community showreel

In a way 2009 was the best year for this project so far: more commits than ever, more examples, more documentation and above all more (as well as more or less happy) users – thank you all for your support & patience!  Especially since the April release (nicknamed “CADA”) I noticed increased interest and myself became really interested in what other people have been using the libraries for. I’m often getting feedback from people about issues and how-to’s, but I didn’t quite know what the big wide world is up to with them. So in summer I reached out to existing users and posted a public call for submission to create a community showreel of projects realised with the libraries so far.

Edited in a non-stop 24h session, I’m really happy with the result & seeing these projects together in one piece gave me an immense buzz, but see for yourself!

We will be attempting to do another one of these later this year, so if you have built anything cool with any of the library packages you’d want to contribute, please do get in touch here, via email, flickr, vimeo or twitter.

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