V&A Decode generative identity

Fresh off the back of designing & building the interactive identity & installation for last year’s onedotzero festival with W+K London, the Victoria and Albert Museum (in collaboration with onedotzero too) commissioned me to design a “truly malleable, digital identity” for their new landmark exhibition Decode: Digital Design Sensations and providing it as open source. This certainly is a first for a museum of this calibre, and of course it was an honour to be part of this. You can read more about the project & creation process on my website

To make the project as widely accessible as possible to people, it was built in Processing, but obviously with a major helping of various toxiclibs too(core, color & volumeutils).

You can download, remix & recode the original piece and turn it into your own original artwork by downloading the app and/or source code from:

Some of these recoded versions might then even become the new Decode identity. Media partner, CBS Outdoor will be promoting the exhibition using the original piece across its large HD projection screens in platforms on the London Underground from Monday, November 30, 2009. All recoded works submitted via the V&A website before January 11, 2010 will then be put forward into a competition to appear in an advert on CBS Outdoor’s XTP screens, further promoting the exhibition.

UPDATE: I’ve posted some of my favourite “recodes” over here.

Some more images of the whole design journey are on flickr…

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