verletphysics in the wild

Here’s a quick note of 2 projects/experiments by other users of the 3D version of the physics engine:

First up is Ricardo Sanchez, one of those guys who had been hindered by the lack of demos & documentation last year and has been in touch a few times about the physics engine. His questioning also directly triggered me to do a few more demos, which are now bundled with the last couple releases. A few days ago he excitedly told me that he’s finished his project and I wanted to share it with you here too:

Nardove's Jellies

You can download the Processing source code for this sketch from the project website and read some more about his process on his blog.

The other experiment I found is a nice showcase of the SphereConstraint in action to create a, well spherical, boundary for the physical simulation space. FYI the constraint can also be inverted and be configured to work as obstacle instead, not allowing any particles within the volume of the sphere. This can be achieved via a flag to its constructor.

The effect is quite interesting and somewhat reminds me of Mikkel Koser’s & shiftControl’s recent COP15 identity, although the behaviour of particles there is far more complex.

More detailed info about the most recent release and the behaviour changes it caused will be posted asap.

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