CfP: Community showreel 2010

It’s this time of the year again – Showreel time! By now the project has grown to over 270+ classes distributed in 8 sub-libraries and especially this past year has seen the potential & impact of these libs realised in different fields from architecture, education, generative product design to interactive installations, and that not just in the Processing based core-community.

So just like last year’s effort, I’d very much wish for and would like to produce another showreel of all the recent interesting projects & experiments done by YOURSELVES with the various library packages. The aim of this undertaking is simply to create a record, a snapshot, some overview and inspiration for other (possibly new) users of these libs. To make this happen I really do need your help & generous contributions in the form of footage, both video and still image assets. Finished projects are desirable, but often the work-in-progress stages are highly interesting too, so if possible, please do include these too. All work will be clearly credited and the reel will be premiered during my talk at Flash On The Beach on September 27, 2010. Afterwards the video will be hosted on Vimeo.

Like last year, the guidelines are remaining as follows:

  • only submit projects you’ve worked on/own rights to/have permission to include
  • project name, client (if any), year, author(s), project URL
  • list of toxiclibs package(s) used
  • video resolution 1280×720 (if possible, lower res might be fine too)
  • screenshots/photos (if you have stills only, more than one would be extremely helpful)
  • (optional) your vimeo username for crediting using their system

Please get in touch via email: toxiclibs at postspectacular dot com

I can provide FTP upload space if you don’t have any yourself. Alternatively, you might want to sign up with Amazon S3, Dropbox, or similar services…

UPDATE!!! Entry deadline is: Thu 23 Sep 2010, 09:00 GMT Monday 20 September 2010, 12:00pm GMT

Your help is v.appreciated & I shall thank you dearly!!!!

Once more for the record, here’s the previous reel from 2009…

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