Upcoming Processing & toxiclibs workshops in London

Here’re some details about two upcoming workshop opportunities in London town this autumn:

The joys of Processing @ onedotzero

Dates: 26 & 27 November 2011 (10am – 5pm)
Location: BFI Southbank
Limit: 20 people (TBC)
Level: Beginner
Price: TBC

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Processing and onedotzero are doing their bit to help celebrating this occasion with a weekend workshop and public panel discussion as part of this year’s festival at the BFI Southbank.

In this 2-day weekend workshop we will explore how we can use Processing to express ourselves in code form and create small audio-visual performance tools, both reactive & interactive. You’ll be introduced to creating 2D & 3D shapes and compositions dynamically, play back samples, create complex animations by adding behaviours, export animations as video and control your code using external inputs (e.g. microphone, webcam, OSC/MIDI). There will also be a panel discussion following the workshop on Sunday evening.

Tickets will go on sale later this week via the BFI box office. Please note that BFI members will get priority!

Digital fabrication with Processing & toxiclibs

Dates: 3 & 10 December 2011 (10am – 6pm)
Location: Metropolitan Works, Whitechapel
Level: Intermediate
Limit: 20 people
Price: £175

Arthur Mamou-Mani, lecturer in the Architecture department at University of Westminster and London Metropolitan University, recently approached me to run a workshop around using Processing & toxiclibs for digital fabrication. Using the facilities at Metropolitan Works, we will be applying generative & parametric design approaches to work with different physical materials (2D & 3D) and fabrication techniques (laser cutting, CNC and 3D printing) and refine these explorations into a small, custom design tool, complete with graphical user interface. These high level topics will also include a discussion about using the different material constraints as guiding factors for our design process and learn how to use extensible software structures to customize and combine existing solutions to our specific needs.

We will introduce you to all those concepts in a learning-by-doing manner, but since this workshop only has a 2-day duration, you’re encouraged to prepare yourself beforehand (in the interest of the whole group) and familiarize (not become proficient!) with the following topics:

  • Processing syntax & environment
  • Check out some of the examples bundled with toxiclibs
  • Learn about basic geometry concepts (coordinate systems, vectors etc.)
  • Object oriented thinking

For more details & booking, please head over to the workshop page on Arthur’s website.

If you have any questions about either workshop, please add a comment below! Thanks & hope to see you soon!

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