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The road ahead

I thought it will be very useful to give a better overview of the current development tasks (and challenges) for the near future. The diagram hopefully visualizes this current state quite well and this mega post discusses the most important points in more detail.

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Six months in the making and at least three months delayed, the anniversary 0020 release of toxiclibs was finally released today. A little Happy-New-Year present for you & me. Before getting into the details of the countless things which have been changed & added with this release, please first go forth and download the bundle […]

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Upcoming: The Winged-Edge mesh class

Just earlier this week I finished a project for which I needed to work with quite large 3D meshes (2 million+ triangles). The meshes needed to be stored in such a way that one can efficiently navigate from a given vertex to its various neighbours and so forth (e.g. for use in a steering system)… […]

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simutils-0001: Gray-Scott reaction diffusion

This is part 2 of the discussion of the classes & processes provided by the recently released simutils package. The first part of this series dealt with Diffusion-limited Aggregation (DLA) and this next process too is related to the simulated diffusion of particles. However, whereas the DLA process dealt with individual particles, this next one […]

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Re-inventing the wheel

Firstly, massive thanks are in order for such a storming positive reception of this new site – I really hope this will become a good resource for everyone interested in the fields these libs are addressing and I will try to update everyone (and everything) as often as I can. In the near future that […]

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Recode submissions

Here’re four of my personal favourites of the many submissions to the Recode competition of the V&A Decode identity, which closed last Sunday… I’m not part of the judging panel, but I’m looking forward to find out if one of them will be chosen to be shown on the cross-track projectors throughout London Underground. Generative […]

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