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Tutorials galore

The ongoing lack of tutorials is still one of the most pressing issues to resolve for me & everyone else using (or trying to use) these libraries. Add to this the recent lack of updates to this blog, it all might give the illusion the project itself is stagnating. This couldn’t be further from the […]

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simutils-0001: Gray-Scott reaction diffusion

This is part 2 of the discussion of the classes & processes provided by the recently released simutils package. The first part of this series dealt with Diffusion-limited Aggregation (DLA) and this next process too is related to the simulated diffusion of particles. However, whereas the DLA process dealt with individual particles, this next one […]

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Re-inventing the wheel

Firstly, massive thanks are in order for such a storming positive reception of this new site – I really hope this will become a good resource for everyone interested in the fields these libs are addressing and I will try to update everyone (and everything) as often as I can. In the near future that […]

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Additive waves

The December release cycle has seen a number of new demos, including this one below using the built-in wave generators to create a dynamic 3D terrain. These generators are actually some of the oldest & most re-usable components of the core library, but they never got much attention on the demo front. This is of […]

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