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Metropolitan Works workshop: Facade tool

As announced a few months ago, I recently taught two London based workshops and in the interest of learning, the source code of various examples done at both events is now available in the repository. Released under the same license as toxiclibs itself, LGPLv2.1. The most recent workshop took place at Metropolitan Works, the […]

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verletphysics in the wild

Here’s a quick note of 2 projects/experiments by other users of the 3D version of the physics engine: First up is Ricardo Sanchez, one of those guys who had been hindered by the lack of demos & documentation last year and has been in touch a few times about the physics engine. His questioning also […]

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Happy 2010

One of my favourite childhood toys was Vero Construc which helped me to develop a big interest in building little (often pointless) mechanical contraptions. I’m still having a few salvaged parts of it at home which I passed on to the kids to play with, though it’s having a hard time to compete with the […]

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