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Metropolitan Works workshop: Facade tool

As announced a few months ago, I recently taught two London based workshops and in the interest of learning, the source code of various examples done at both events is now available in the repository. Released under the same license as toxiclibs itself, LGPLv2.1. The most recent workshop took place at Metropolitan Works, the […]

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simutils-0001: Gray-Scott reaction diffusion

This is part 2 of the discussion of the classes & processes provided by the recently released simutils package. The first part of this series dealt with Diffusion-limited Aggregation (DLA) and this next process too is related to the simulated diffusion of particles. However, whereas the DLA process dealt with individual particles, this next one […]

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Recode submissions

Here’re four of my personal favourites of the many submissions to the Recode competition of the V&A Decode identity, which closed last Sunday… I’m not part of the judging panel, but I’m looking forward to find out if one of them will be chosen to be shown on the cross-track projectors throughout London Underground. Generative […]

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Ginger section

It’s always still a nice surprise to spot other people’s experiments with these libraries in the wild. Just came across this beautiful example of using volumeutils by mariusz0z0Bydgoszczy, a cross section of an imaginary plant. Unfortunately no further info is available about the actual growth process, though it looks like a semi-random particle walk or […]

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V&A Decode generative identity

Fresh off the back of designing & building the interactive identity & installation for last year’s onedotzero festival with W+K London, the Victoria and Albert Museum (in collaboration with onedotzero too) commissioned me to design a “truly malleable, digital identity” for their new landmark exhibition Decode: Digital Design Sensations and providing it as open source. […]

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