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 AudioSource JOALUtil.generateSource()
          Convenience wrapper for JOALUtil.generateSources(int) to create a single AudioSource.
 AudioSource JOALUtil.generateSourceFromFile(java.lang.String file)
          Convenience wrapper bundling JOALUtil.loadBuffer(String) & JOALUtil.generateSource() in a single method call.
 AudioSource[] JOALUtil.generateSources(int numSources)
          Creates the specified number of hardware audio sources required to actually play the sample data stored in AudioBuffers.
 AudioSource MultiTimbralManager.getNextVoice()
          Attempts to find an available, currently unused AudioSource instance which can then be configured and played by the client application.
 AudioSource AudioSource.rewind()
 AudioSource AudioSource.setBuffer(AudioBuffer buffer)
          Sets the buffer associated with this source.
 AudioSource AudioSource.setDirection(float[] d)
 AudioSource AudioSource.setDirection(float xx, float yy, float zz)
 AudioSource AudioSource.setDirection(toxi.geom.Vec3D dir)
 AudioSource AudioSource.setGain(float gain)
 AudioSource AudioSource.setLooping(boolean state)
 AudioSource AudioSource.setOffset(int off)
 AudioSource AudioSource.setPitch(float pitch)
 AudioSource AudioSource.setPosition(float[] p)
 AudioSource AudioSource.setPosition(float xx, float yy, float zz)
 AudioSource AudioSource.setPosition(toxi.geom.Vec3D p)
 AudioSource AudioSource.setReferenceDistance(float d)
 AudioSource AudioSource.setVelocity(float[] v)
 AudioSource AudioSource.setVelocity(float xx, float yy, float zz)
 AudioSource AudioSource.setVelocity(toxi.geom.Vec3D p)
 AudioSource AudioSource.stop()
 AudioSource AudioSource.updatePosition()

Methods in with parameters of type AudioSource
 boolean JOALUtil.deleteSource(AudioSource src)
 boolean JOALUtil.deleteSource(AudioSource src, boolean killBuffer)

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Constructors in with parameters of type AudioSource
DelayedSamplePlayer(AudioSource src, AudioBuffer buffer, long delay)
DelayedSamplePlayer(AudioSource src, long delay)