Class Summary
AudioBuffer A wrapper for the actual sample data byte buffer in memory.
AudioSource A wrapper for AudioBuffers and similar to the built in JOAL, though less restrictive.
DecompressInputStream Convert A-Law or u-Law byte stream into mono PCM byte stream
IIRFilter This class provides a simple IIR filter implementation with one of lowpass, highpass or bandpass characteristics.
JOALUtil JOAL convenience wrapper.
MultiTimbralManager Implements a manager to play a number of shared samples in a multitimbral manner without interrupting/restarting the playback of currently playing sources.
SoundListener The concept of a SoundListener refers directly to the user's instance in the virtual (audio) world.
SynthUtil This class provides static conversion tools for translating normalized floating point wave data into 16bit PCM.

Enum Summary
AudioBuffer.Format Format descriptor