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Uses of AccessCriteria in toxi.color

Subclasses of AccessCriteria in toxi.color
 class AlphaAccessor
          Compares 2 colors by their alpha value.
 class CMYKAccessor
          Compares 2 colors by one of their CMYK component values.
 class HSVAccessor
          Compares 2 colors by one of their HSV component values.
 class LuminanceAccessor
          Compares 2 colors by their luminance values.
 class RGBAccessor
          Compares 2 colors by one of their RGB component values.

Fields in toxi.color declared as AccessCriteria
static AccessCriteria AccessCriteria.ALPHA
static AccessCriteria AccessCriteria.BLACK
static AccessCriteria AccessCriteria.BLUE
static AccessCriteria AccessCriteria.BRIGHTNESS
static AccessCriteria AccessCriteria.CYAN
static AccessCriteria AccessCriteria.GREEN
static AccessCriteria AccessCriteria.HUE
static AccessCriteria AccessCriteria.LUMINANCE
static AccessCriteria AccessCriteria.MAGENTA
static AccessCriteria AccessCriteria.RED
static AccessCriteria AccessCriteria.SATURATION
static AccessCriteria AccessCriteria.YELLOW

Methods in toxi.color with parameters of type AccessCriteria
 ColorList ColorList.clusterSort(AccessCriteria clusterCriteria, AccessCriteria subClusterCriteria, int numClusters, boolean isReversed)
          Sorts the list based on two criteria to create clusters/segments within the list.
 float TColor.getComponentValue(AccessCriteria criteria)
 float ReadonlyTColor.getComponentValue(AccessCriteria criteria)
 TColor TColor.setComponent(AccessCriteria criteria, float val)
          Sets a color component by name.
 ColorList ColorList.sortByCriteria(AccessCriteria criteria, boolean isReversed)
          Sorts the list using the given AccessCriteria.