Package toxi.color.theory

Interface Summary
ColorTheoryStrategy A simple interface for implementing rules used to create color palettes.

Class Summary
AnalogousStrategy Creates a new palette of 4 similar (slightly paler) colors in addition to the given start color.
ColorTheoryRegistry Registry & object factory for default ColorTheoryStrategy implementations as well as custom ones.
ComplementaryStrategy Creates 5 additional colors in relation to the given base color: a contrasting color: much darker or lighter than the original. a soft supporting color: lighter and less saturated. a contrasting complement: very dark or very light. the complement and a light supporting variant.
MonochromeTheoryStrategy Creates 4 additional shades of the given color, thus creating a monochrome palette.
SingleComplementStrategy Implements the single complementary color scheme to create a compatible color for the given one.
SplitComplementaryStrategy Implements the split-complementary color scheme to create 2 compatible colors for the given one.
TetradTheoryStrategy Implements the tetradic color scheme to create 4 compatible colors for the given one.
TriadTheoryStrategy Implements the triadic color scheme to create 3 compatible colors for the given one.