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Uses of ReadonlyVec3D in toxi.geom

Classes in toxi.geom that implement ReadonlyVec3D
 class AABB
          Axis-aligned bounding box with basic intersection features for Ray, AABB and Sphere classes.
 class Cone
          A geometric definition of a cone (and cylinder as a special case) with support for mesh creation/representation.
 class Plane
          Class to describe and work with infinite generic 3D planes.
 class PointOctree
          Implements a spatial subdivision tree to work efficiently with large numbers of 3D particles.
 class Ray3D
          A simple 3D ray datatype
 class Sphere
 class Vec3D
          Comprehensive 3D vector class with additional basic intersection and collision detection features.

Fields in toxi.geom declared as ReadonlyVec3D
 ReadonlyVec3D IsectData3D.dir
static ReadonlyVec3D Vec3D.MAX_VALUE
          Defines vector with all coords set to Float.MAX_VALUE.
static ReadonlyVec3D Vec3D.MIN_VALUE
          Defines vector with all coords set to Float.MIN_VALUE.
 ReadonlyVec3D IsectData3D.normal
 ReadonlyVec3D IsectData3D.pos
static ReadonlyVec3D Vec3D.X_AXIS
          Defines positive X axis.
static ReadonlyVec3D Vec3D.Y_AXIS
          Defines positive Y axis.
static ReadonlyVec3D Vec3D.Z_AXIS
          Defines positive Z axis.
static ReadonlyVec3D Vec3D.ZERO
          Defines the zero vector.

Methods in toxi.geom that return ReadonlyVec3D
 ReadonlyVec3D Vec3D.addSelf(float a, float b, float c)
          Adds vector {a,b,c} and overrides coordinates with result.
 ReadonlyVec3D Vec3D.clear()
          Sets all vector components to 0.
 ReadonlyVec3D Plane.getIntersectionWithRay(Ray3D r)
          Calculates the intersection point between plane and ray (line).
 ReadonlyVec3D PointOctree.getOffset()
 ReadonlyVec3D SphereIntersectorReflector.getReflectedRayPointAtDistance(float dist)
 ReadonlyVec3D Reflector3D.getReflectedRayPointAtDistance(float dist)
          Returns the point on the reflected ray at given distance from the intersection point
 ReadonlyVec3D Vec3D.Axis.getVector()
 ReadonlyVec3D Vec3D.immutable()

Methods in toxi.geom with parameters of type ReadonlyVec3D
 Vec3D Vec3D.add(ReadonlyVec3D v)
 Spline3D Spline3D.add(ReadonlyVec3D p)
          Adds the given point to the list of control points.
 Vec3D ReadonlyVec3D.add(ReadonlyVec3D v)
 float Vec3D.angleBetween(ReadonlyVec3D v)
 float ReadonlyVec3D.angleBetween(ReadonlyVec3D v)
          Computes the angle between this vector and vector V.
 float Vec3D.angleBetween(ReadonlyVec3D v, boolean forceNormalize)
 float ReadonlyVec3D.angleBetween(ReadonlyVec3D v, boolean forceNormalize)
          Computes the angle between this vector and vector V.
 Vec3D Matrix4x4.applyTo(ReadonlyVec3D v)
          Creates a copy of the given vector, transformed by this matrix.
 PointCloud origin)
          Updates all points in the cloud so that their new centroid is at the given point.
 Plane.Classifier Plane.classifyPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p, float tolerance)
          Classifies the relative position of the given point to the plane using the given tolerance.
 Vec3D Line3D.closestPointTo(ReadonlyVec3D p)
          Computes the closest point on this line to the given one.
 int Vec3D.compareTo(ReadonlyVec3D v)
 int ReadonlyVec3D.compareTo(ReadonlyVec3D v)
          Compares the length of the vector with another one.
 boolean ZAxisCylinder.containsPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
 boolean YAxisCylinder.containsPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
 boolean XAxisCylinder.containsPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
 boolean Triangle3D.containsPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
          Checks if point vector is inside the triangle created by the points a, b and c.
 boolean Sphere.containsPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
 boolean Shape3D.containsPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
          Checks if the point is within the given shape/volume.
 boolean PointOctree.containsPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
 boolean Plane.containsPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
abstract  boolean AxisAlignedCylinder.containsPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
          Checks if the given point is inside the cylinder.
 boolean AABB.containsPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
static Quaternion Quaternion.createFromAxisAngle(ReadonlyVec3D axis, float angle)
          Creates a Quaternion from a axis and a angle.
 Vec3D Vec3D.cross(ReadonlyVec3D v)
 Vec3D ReadonlyVec3D.cross(ReadonlyVec3D v)
          Calculates cross-product with vector v.
 Vec3D Vec3D.crossInto(ReadonlyVec3D v, Vec3D result)
 Vec3D ReadonlyVec3D.crossInto(ReadonlyVec3D v, Vec3D result)
          Calculates cross-product with vector v.
 float Vec3D.distanceTo(ReadonlyVec3D v)
 float ReadonlyVec3D.distanceTo(ReadonlyVec3D v)
          Calculates distance to another vector.
 float Vec3D.distanceToSquared(ReadonlyVec3D v)
 float ReadonlyVec3D.distanceToSquared(ReadonlyVec3D v)
          Calculates the squared distance to another vector.
 float v)
 float v)
          Computes the scalar product (dot product) with the given vector.
 boolean Vec3D.equalsWithTolerance(ReadonlyVec3D v, float tolerance)
 boolean ReadonlyVec3D.equalsWithTolerance(ReadonlyVec3D v, float tolerance)
          Compares this vector with the one given.
 Vec3D Triangle3D.fromBarycentric(ReadonlyVec3D p)
 Vec2D Triangle2D.fromBarycentric(ReadonlyVec3D p)
static Quaternion Quaternion.getAlignmentQuat(ReadonlyVec3D dir, ReadonlyVec3D forward)
          Constructs a quaternion that rotates the vector given by the "forward" param into the direction given by the "dir" param.
 Vec3D Triangle3D.getClosestPointTo(ReadonlyVec3D p)
          Finds and returns the closest point on any of the triangle edges to the point given.
 PointOctree PointOctree.getLeafForPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
          Finds the leaf node which spatially relates to the given point
 Vec3D AABB.getNormalForPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
 Vec3D Vec3D.getReflected(ReadonlyVec3D normal)
 Vec3D ReadonlyVec3D.getReflected(ReadonlyVec3D normal)
 Matrix4x4 Matrix4x4.getRotatedAroundAxis(ReadonlyVec3D axis, double theta)
 Vec3D Vec3D.getRotatedAroundAxis(ReadonlyVec3D axis, float theta)
 Vec3D ReadonlyVec3D.getRotatedAroundAxis(ReadonlyVec3D axis, float theta)
          Gets the rotated around axis.
 AABB AABB.includePoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
          Adjusts the box size and position such that it includes the given point.
 Vec3D Vec3D.interpolateTo(ReadonlyVec3D v, float f)
 Vec3D ReadonlyVec3D.interpolateTo(ReadonlyVec3D v, float f)
          Interpolates the vector towards the given target vector, using linear interpolation.
 Vec3D Vec3D.interpolateTo(ReadonlyVec3D v, float f, InterpolateStrategy s)
 Vec3D ReadonlyVec3D.interpolateTo(ReadonlyVec3D v, float f, InterpolateStrategy s)
          Interpolates the vector towards the given target vector, using the given InterpolateStrategy.
 Vec3D Vec3D.interpolateToSelf(ReadonlyVec3D v, float f)
          Interpolates the vector towards the given target vector, using linear interpolation.
 Vec3D Vec3D.interpolateToSelf(ReadonlyVec3D v, float f, InterpolateStrategy s)
          Interpolates the vector towards the given target vector, using the given InterpolateStrategy.
static Vec3D Vec3D.max(ReadonlyVec3D a, ReadonlyVec3D b)
          Constructs a new vector consisting of the largest components of both vectors.
 Vec3D Vec3D.maxSelf(ReadonlyVec3D b)
          Max self.
static Vec3D Vec3D.min(ReadonlyVec3D a, ReadonlyVec3D b)
          Constructs a new vector consisting of the smallest components of both vectors.
 Vec3D Vec3D.minSelf(ReadonlyVec3D b)
          Min self.
 Vec3D Vec3D.reflect(ReadonlyVec3D normal)
 boolean PointOctree.remove(ReadonlyVec3D p)
          Removes a point from the tree and (optionally) tries to release memory by reducing now empty sub-branches.
 boolean PointCloud.removePoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
          Removes the point from the cloud, but doesn't update the bounds automatically.
 Matrix4x4 Matrix4x4.rotateAroundAxis(ReadonlyVec3D axis, double theta)
          Applies rotation about arbitrary axis to matrix
 Vec3D Vec3D.rotateAroundAxis(ReadonlyVec3D axis, float theta)
          Rotates the vector around the giving axis.
 Vec3D Vec3D.scale(ReadonlyVec3D s)
 Vec3D ReadonlyVec3D.scale(ReadonlyVec3D s)
          Scales vector non-uniformly by vector v and returns result as new vector.
 Matrix4x4 Matrix4x4.scale(ReadonlyVec3D scale)
 Matrix4x4 Matrix4x4.scaleSelf(ReadonlyVec3D scale)
 Vec3D Vec3D.set(ReadonlyVec3D v)
 AABB AABB.set(ReadonlyVec3D v)
          Updates the position of the box in space and calls AABB.updateBounds() immediately
 Line3D Line3D.set(ReadonlyVec3D a, ReadonlyVec3D b)
 Ray3D Ray3D.setDirection(ReadonlyVec3D d)
          Uses a normalized copy of the given vector as the ray direction.
 AABB AABB.setExtent(ReadonlyVec3D extent)
          Updates the size of the box and calls AABB.updateBounds() immediately
 Ellipse Ellipse.setRadii(ReadonlyVec3D r)
          Sets the radii of the ellipse to the values given by the vector.
 Vec3D Vec3D.sub(ReadonlyVec3D v)
 Vec3D ReadonlyVec3D.sub(ReadonlyVec3D v)
          Subtracts vector v and returns result as new vector.
 Vec3D Sphere.tangentPlaneNormalAt(ReadonlyVec3D q)
          Calculates the normal vector on the sphere in the direction of the current point.
 Vec3D Triangle3D.toBarycentric(ReadonlyVec3D p)
 Matrix4x4 Matrix4x4.translate(ReadonlyVec3D trans)
 Matrix4x4 Matrix4x4.translateSelf(ReadonlyVec3D trans)

Constructors in toxi.geom with parameters of type ReadonlyVec3D
AABB(ReadonlyVec3D pos, float extent)
          Creates a new instance from centre point and uniform extent in all directions.
AABB(ReadonlyVec3D pos, ReadonlyVec3D extent)
          Creates a new instance from centre point and extent
Cone(ReadonlyVec3D pos, ReadonlyVec3D dir, float rNorth, float rSouth, float len)
          Constructs a new cone instance.
Line3D(ReadonlyVec3D a, ReadonlyVec3D b)
Plane(Vec3D origin, ReadonlyVec3D norm)
Quaternion(float w, ReadonlyVec3D v)
Ray3D(float x, float y, float z, ReadonlyVec3D d)
Ray3D(ReadonlyVec3D o, ReadonlyVec3D d)
Sphere(ReadonlyVec3D v, float r)
Vec3D(ReadonlyVec3D v)
          Creates a new vector with the coordinates of the given vector.
XAxisCylinder(ReadonlyVec3D pos, float radius, float length)
YAxisCylinder(ReadonlyVec3D pos, float radius, float length)
ZAxisCylinder(ReadonlyVec3D pos, float radius, float length)

Uses of ReadonlyVec3D in toxi.geom.mesh

Classes in toxi.geom.mesh that implement ReadonlyVec3D
 class Vertex
 class WEVertex

Methods in toxi.geom.mesh with parameters of type ReadonlyVec3D
 AABB origin)
 AABB origin)
 AABB origin)
          Centers the mesh around the given pivot point (the centroid of its AABB).
 WEVertex WETriangleMesh.getClosestVertexToPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
 Vertex TriangleMesh.getClosestVertexToPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
 Vertex Mesh3D.getClosestVertexToPoint(ReadonlyVec3D p)
 WEVertex WEVertex.getNeighborInDirection(ReadonlyVec3D dir, float tolerance)
 WETriangleMesh WETriangleMesh.pointTowards(ReadonlyVec3D dir)
          Rotates the mesh in such a way so that its "forward" axis is aligned with the given direction.
 TriangleMesh TriangleMesh.pointTowards(ReadonlyVec3D dir)
          Rotates the mesh in such a way so that its "forward" axis is aligned with the given direction.
 WETriangleMesh WETriangleMesh.pointTowards(ReadonlyVec3D dir, ReadonlyVec3D forward)
          Rotates the mesh in such a way so that its "forward" axis is aligned with the given direction.
 TriangleMesh TriangleMesh.pointTowards(ReadonlyVec3D dir, ReadonlyVec3D forward)
          Rotates the mesh in such a way so that its "forward" axis is aligned with the given direction.
 void WETriangleMesh.splitEdge(ReadonlyVec3D a, ReadonlyVec3D b, SubdivisionStrategy subDiv)