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Uses of Triangle3D in toxi.geom

Fields in toxi.geom declared as Triangle3D
 Triangle3D TriangleIntersector.triangle

Methods in toxi.geom that return Triangle3D
static Triangle3D Triangle3D.createEquilateralFrom(Vec3D a, Vec3D b)
 Triangle3D Triangle3D.flipVertexOrder()
 Triangle3D TriangleIntersector.getTriangle()

Methods in toxi.geom with parameters of type Triangle3D
 boolean Sphere.intersectSphereTriangle(Triangle3D t, Vec3D result)
          Considers the current vector as centre of a collision sphere with radius r and checks if the triangle abc intersects with this sphere.
 boolean AABB.intersectsTriangle(Triangle3D tri)
 TriangleIntersector TriangleIntersector.setTriangle(Triangle3D tri)

Constructors in toxi.geom with parameters of type Triangle3D
Plane(Triangle3D t)
TriangleIntersector(Triangle3D t)

Uses of Triangle3D in toxi.geom.mesh

Methods in toxi.geom.mesh that return Triangle3D
 Triangle3D TriangleMesh.perforateFace(Face f, float size)
 Triangle3D Face.toTriangle()
          Creates a generic Triangle3D instance using this face's vertices.