Class DualDisplacementSubdivision

  extended by toxi.geom.mesh.subdiv.SubdivisionStrategy
      extended by toxi.geom.mesh.subdiv.DualDisplacementSubdivision

public class DualDisplacementSubdivision
extends SubdivisionStrategy

This subdivision strategy splits an edge in three equal parts using two split points at 33% and 66% of the edge. The split points themselves are being displaced, however, in the direction of the vector going from the configured reference point (often the mesh centroid is used) towards each split point. The displacement amount is configurable as fraction of the original edge length. So given that:

 S = edge split point
 R = reference point
 l = edge length
 a = displacement amplification factor
 S' = S + (S-R) * a * l

Field Summary
 float ampA
 float ampB
 Vec3D centroid
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Constructor Summary
DualDisplacementSubdivision(Vec3D centroid, float ampA, float ampB)
Method Summary
 java.util.List<Vec3D> computeSplitPoints(WingedEdge edge)
          Computes a number of points on (or near) the given edge which are used for splitting the edge in smaller segments.
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Field Detail


public Vec3D centroid


public float ampA


public float ampB
Constructor Detail


public DualDisplacementSubdivision(Vec3D centroid,
                                   float ampA,
                                   float ampB)
Method Detail


public java.util.List<Vec3D> computeSplitPoints(WingedEdge edge)
Description copied from class: SubdivisionStrategy
Computes a number of points on (or near) the given edge which are used for splitting the edge in smaller segments.

Specified by:
computeSplitPoints in class SubdivisionStrategy
edge - edge to split
list of split points