Package toxi.math

Interface Summary
InterpolateStrategy Defines a generic function to interpolate 2 float values.

Class Summary
BezierInterpolation Bezier curve interpolation with configurable coefficients.
CircularInterpolation Implementation of the circular interpolation function.
CosineInterpolation Implementation of the cosine interpolation function: i = b+(a-b)*(0.5+0.5*cos(f*PI))
DecimatedInterpolation Delivers a number of decimated/stepped values for a given interval.
ExponentialInterpolation Exponential curve interpolation with adjustable exponent.
Interpolation2D Implementations of 2D interpolation functions (currently only bilinear).
LinearInterpolation Implementation of the linear interpolation function i = a + ( b - a ) * f
MathUtils Miscellaneous math utilities.
ScaleMap This class maps values from one interval into another.
SigmoidInterpolation Implements the sigmoid interpolation function with adjustable curve sharpness
SinCosLUT Lookup table for fast sine & cosine computations.
ThresholdInterpolation Defines a single step/threshold function which returns the min value for all factors < threshold and the max value for all others.
ZoomLensInterpolation This class provides an adjustable zoom lens to either bundle or dilate values around a focal point within a given interval.