Class ConstantWave

  extended by toxi.math.waves.AbstractWave
      extended by toxi.math.waves.ConstantWave

public class ConstantWave
extends AbstractWave

Implements a constant value as waveform.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class toxi.math.waves.AbstractWave
amp, frequency, offset, phase, PI, TWO_PI, value
Constructor Summary
ConstantWave(float value)
Method Summary
 float update()
          Updates the wave and returns new value.
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cyclePhase, cyclePhase, hertzToRadians, pop, push, radiansToHertz, reset, setPhase, toString
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Constructor Detail


public ConstantWave(float value)
Method Detail


public final float update()
Description copied from class: AbstractWave
Updates the wave and returns new value. Implementing classes should manually ensure the phase remains in the 0...TWO_PI interval or by calling AbstractWave.cyclePhase().

Specified by:
update in class AbstractWave
current (newly calculated) wave value