Package toxi.physics

Class Summary
ParticlePath This class is used as a builder to dynamically construct a ParticleString following a given spline path, sampled at a fixed frequency/step distance.
ParticleString Utility builder/grouping/management class to connect a set of particles into a physical string/thread.
VerletConstrainedSpring Implements a spring whose maximum relaxation distance at every time step can be limited to achieve better (if physically incorrect) stability of the whole spring system.
VerletMinDistanceSpring Implements a string which will only enforce its rest length if the current distance is less than its rest length.
VerletParticle An individual 3D particle for use by the VerletPhysics and VerletSpring classes.
VerletPhysics 3D particle physics engine using Verlet integration based on:
VerletSpring A spring class connecting two VerletParticles in space.