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Uses of VerletPhysics2D in toxi.physics2d

Methods in toxi.physics2d that return VerletPhysics2D
 VerletPhysics2D VerletPhysics2D.addParticle(VerletParticle2D p)
          Adds a particle to the list
 VerletPhysics2D VerletPhysics2D.addSpring(VerletSpring2D s)
          Adds a spring connector
 VerletPhysics2D VerletPhysics2D.clear()
 VerletPhysics2D VerletPhysics2D.setWorldBounds(toxi.geom.Rect world)
          Sets bounding box
 VerletPhysics2D VerletPhysics2D.update()
          Progresses the physics simulation by 1 time step and updates all forces and particle positions accordingly

Methods in toxi.physics2d with parameters of type VerletPhysics2D
 java.util.List<VerletParticle2D> ParticlePath2D.createParticles(VerletPhysics2D physics, int subDiv, float step, float mass)
          Creates particles along the spline at the fixed interval given.

Constructors in toxi.physics2d with parameters of type VerletPhysics2D
ParticleString2D(VerletPhysics2D physics, java.util.List<VerletParticle2D> plist, float strength)
          Takes a list of already created particles connects them into a continuous string using springs.
ParticleString2D(VerletPhysics2D physics, toxi.geom.Vec2D pos, toxi.geom.Vec2D step, int num, float mass, float strength)
          Creates a number of particles along a line and connects them into a string using springs.