Up until 17 March 2010 this project was hosted over on Google Code, however has recently been switched over to BitBucket to make development easier for myself and others. So please grab the latest releases from there.

All current & future releases:

Legacy release archive:

Source code

All library packages are available in binary or source form, however you’re also more than welcome to clone the source repository to always stay at the “bleeding edge” and make changes yourself. All development on the project is done using Eclipse. If you choose another IDE, you’ll have to configure build paths yourself.

The new source repository is also located at:

As mentioned above, until March 2010 the project was hosted as SVN repository on Google Code, though is now using Mercurial (hg) and is hosted on BitBucket. Hg is absolutely great & more flexible than Subversion. It also makes integrating contributions from others much easier, less painful and less error prone. Patches of improvements & bug fixes are always welcome. If you’re considering to contribute any new classes or even become a regular committer, please do get in touch via: info at toxiclibs dot org. Thank you dearly!