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simutils-0001: Diffusion limited aggregation

A few days ago I published some updates to all five existing main packages and also bundled up some other classes from existing projects into a new package, called simutils. As the name indicates, these new classes deal with the simulation of some fairly basic processes inspired by nature, but each of them exhibits some […]

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Ginger section

It’s always still a nice surprise to spot other people’s experiments with these libraries in the wild. Just came across this beautiful example of using volumeutils by mariusz0z0Bydgoszczy, a cross section of an imaginary plant. Unfortunately no further info is available about the actual growth process, though it looks like a semi-random particle walk or […]

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Happy 2010

One of my favourite childhood toys was Vero Construc which helped me to develop a big interest in building little (often pointless) mechanical contraptions. I’m still having a few salvaged parts of it at home which I passed on to the kids to play with, though it’s having a hard time to compete with the […]

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Additive waves

The December release cycle has seen a number of new demos, including this one below using the built-in wave generators to create a dynamic 3D terrain. These generators are actually some of the oldest & most re-usable components of the core library, but they never got much attention on the demo front. This is of […]

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